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Since 1981, Mahiti is a rural development organization based...
Mahiti works closely with communities in nearly 90 villages of Dhandhuka, Barwala and...
We are constantly looking for people who may be able to contribute to our programs and...
Our work is possible because of the support of numerous organizations / institutions and Individuals...

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We are located at 110 Kms away from Ahmedabad City and 60 Kms away from Bhavnagar city in the Gujarat state.

During the winter months (December – March) temperatures is low so, please come adequately prepared with warm clothing.

In spring and summer, the average temperature is about 35 - 40 degrees Celsius. The sun can get intense – sunscreen or a cap would be a good idea.

The monsoons arrive between June and August. A poncho / raincoat and umbrella will be very useful during the rains. Sensible shoes or sandals are good to have around at any point of time.
Mobile Phones
In India most phones run on GSM Networks (some work on CDMA). SIM-cards are cheap and easily available. To get one, you will need copies of your passport, a passport photo, and proof of address (that Mahiti can provide). To avoid roaming charges, it would be best to wait till you get to Mahiti before you get your SIM-card.
We do not have an ATM or money exchange facilities at the village level where Mahiti has its office. The nearest ATM (that accepts VISA and MasterCard) are in Ahmedabad and Bhavnagar city. Keep emergency cash before getting to Mahiti.
As a rural development organization, most of our work is conducted in Gujarati language.
Foreign nationals working with Mahiti have to register themselves at the local station on arrival. Mahiti will assist with the paper work (we need copies of your passport, valid visa, 2 passport photos). For visitors who plan to stay for at least six months registration with the Foreigners Registration Office at Ahmedabad is mandatory.
Mahiti puts up its staff and interns in a single room or on a shared basis. Since accommodation is limited, often, there isn’t a choice. Most toilets are Indian style.
The accommodation at Dholera having canteen facilities where the main meals are served. The food is wholesome, vegetarian, Gujarati food consisting of dal, vegetable, rice and roti.
We have a natural hot spring (bore well) at our Centre in Dholera so; hot water is available at the office through pipeline for bathing and clothing. The Centre is connected with Narmada River Water for drinking purpose. You may get your own water purification systems for greater safety.
General Provisions
There are small shops in the Dholera village (2 Kms away from the Centre) and basic supplies and snacks will be available.
Internet Access
There are no cyber cafe’s here… yet. The accommodation at Dholera village has a mobile wireless internet connection that interns and staff can use if they are based or visit Dholera. The facilities are available before 9.30 am and after 5.30 pm on weekdays at a nominal rate. Area offices do not have internet facilities.
It is advisable for women and men to be modestly dressed when staying at Mahiti. Salwar Kurtas or long tunics would be appropriate and comfortable for field visits. Shorts and tight outfits are best avoided.
Getting to Mahiti
From Ahmedabad, we are well connected by government bus service and private transporters to Dholera. The ride to Mahiti from Ahmedabad takes about 3 hrs. Buses from Dholera to Ahmedabad are at regular intervals (every one hour).
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